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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet CleaningOur Minute Dry technicians utilize a multi-step cleaning process to remove spots, soil, dust, oil, and allergens from your carpet fibers. We use several methods of low moisture cleaning techniques combined with advanced green cleaning products to leave your carpets cleaned and sanitized, ready to use in minutes.

The traditional water extraction cleaning method forces dirt to the bottom of the carpet and tries to suck it back up. Regardless of the equipment used, a large volume of water remains in the bottom of the carpet and possibly in the carpet backing and padding. As the carpet dries over the following days many of the surface spots that seemed to disappear “wick” back to the surface leaving the customer dissatisfied. Furthermore, by leaving gallons of water behind a breeding ground for mold and mildew is now created. Lastly water sitting on the carpeting backing will break it down over time causing excessive wear.

Our Minute Dry process has all the important advantages our customers seek without the disadvantages they have experienced in the past !

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