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Mattress CleaningHow many times have you or a family member awakened from a night’s sleep with itchy skin or red and irritated eyes ? Or a stuffed up nose, a barrage of sneezes, headaches, or general fatigue ? ALL FOR NO REASON ??

Well, the fact is you or a member of your family is one of 100 million Americans that suffer from some kind of allergy. One of the main culprits of your suffering is the millions of dust mites living in your mattress. We shed skin flakes every minute. This provides the food source to the mites. Dust mites are medically proven to trigger a host of allergic reactions such as the above, along with asthma, bronchitis,eczema, and many others.


Our mattress sanitizing process combines high frequency, pulsating waves, and incredible suction along with a patented high intensity germ killing light to kill and extract all dust mites, bacteria, viruses, fungal spores, harmful organisms, and other sediment which accumulates in your mattress.

The entire process is CHEMICAL FREE and extremely affordable. It safe for any type of mattress from crib to king size.

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